• Swiss Launch of New Impact Economy Social Finance Study @ the Hub Zurich

    Zurich, Switzerland – September 28, 2011

    The Swiss launch of the new Impact Economy social finance Study “Understanding the True Potential of Hybrid Financing Strategies for Social Entrepreneurs” at the Hub Zurich complemented our previous successful launch events in New York and Berlin. The evening was opened by a special address from Gib Bulloch, Founder and Executive Director of Accenture Development Partnerships. Co-host of the event, Mr. Bulloch shared with us his work on the convergence between the worlds of business and philanthropy, and what it means for social entrepreneurs. Dr. Maximilian Martin was then pleased to zoom in on financing social enterprise, sharing the key findings of the research. To get a practical sense of the true potential of hybrid financing strategies for social entrepreneurs, the new Impact Economy study develops an evidence-based framework and typology, derived from the empirical analysis of the growth financing approach of a number of widely recognized social entrepreneurs. “Convergence” is blurring what used to be rigid silos of making money and doing good, thus creating a new economic landscape where development organizations are realizing that business can help enhance the scalability, sustainability and long-term impact of their efforts, and consumers are demanding sustainable and value-driven offerings.

  • Impact Economy Session in NY @ Metropolitan Club during CGI Annual Meeting

    New York City, USA – September 21, 2011

    The US launch of Dr. Maximilian Martin’s new Impact Economy social finance study “Understanding the True Potential of Hybrid Financing Strategies for Social Entrepreneurs” took place during a working lunch session held at the Metropolitan Club in New York, in the framework of the Clinton Global Initiative. The event was opened by a special address from Sandi Češko, business entrepreneur and Founder of Studio Moderna, the leading direct marketing multi-channel retailer in Central & Eastern Europe, which was also co-host of the event. Mr. Češko shared with the participants his vast experience in scaling new ventures – insights much needed in the area of social entrepreneurship. Dr. Maximilian Martin was then pleased to share the key findings of the firm’s new study.

  • Impact Economy at Inaugural General Assembly of Gov. Schwarzenegger’s Initiative R20 – Regions of Climate Action

    New York City, USA – September 29, 2011

    Impact Economy SA was delighted to participate at the inaugural annual General Assembly of R20 – Regions of Climate Action, held in New York City, where Dr. Maximilian Martin met with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Christophe Nuttall, future incoming Executive Director of R20. R20 is a unique, Swiss-based non-profit organization founded in 2011 by former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. A coalition of partners led by regional governments, it promotes and implements projects that are designed to produce local economic and environmental benefits: reduced energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions; strong local economies; improved public health; and new green jobs. Dr. Maximilian Martin acts as a Senior Advisor to R20, through the design of a business development strategy, which will help R20 to grow substantially and become financially sustainable within a reasonable timeframe.

  • Keynote Address at coThinkTank: The Convergence of Social Business and Innovation

    Berlin, Germany – September 6-7, 2011

    Impact Economy served as a content partner to the coThinkTank, an annual international forum at the intersection of business and design practices. The theme for 2011 was Social Business Innovation. Dr. Maximilian Martin laid out how numerous factors – such as globalization, long-term demographic trends, changing mindsets and consumer preferences, and the state of public finances – are jointly driving the emergence of a new paradigm of sustainable capitalism. Social business can play a catalytic role in this transition, and Dr. Martin showed its enormous growth potential, also walking through the mechanics of success stories in social business. The conclusion: social business and social entrepreneurship can play a huge role in addressing our generation's challenges– but it is up to all of us to engage with our passions, talents and insights.

  • Special Session on “Building a World with Technology for All” at the Hub Zurich

    Zurich, Switzerland – July 27, 2011

    Impact Economy organized an evening with technology pioneer and pattern changer Francis J. Brochon, to discuss technology and technical education in Africa and beyond. Information is power, and the information society is instrumental in breaking through cycles of underdevelopment. But how come that if we live in an information age, when an elevator breaks down in Dar es Salaam or a data center in Maputo, we need to call in an engineer from South Africa or Europe? How can we build a world where citizens in developing countries develop the local skills and knowledge to handle the backbone of the information society themselves? These questions and many more took center stage during Francis J. Brochon’s presentation of his work and vision about the catalytic role of technical education in socioeconomic development. In 2003, he set up the Foundation for Technical Education (FTE) and Association Action & Development & Education & International (ADEI), which then established the Kilimanjaro International Institute for Telecommunications, Electronics, and Computers (KIITEC) in Arusha, Tanzania, a world-class institute which trains technicians.