• Panel at the Global Corporate Venturing Symposium

    London, United Kingdom – May 20-24, 2014

    For its fourth edition, the Global Corporate Venturing Symposium 2014 united 40 high level industry speaker, 50 innovators, and over 400 business leaders from the corporate venturing ecosystem. During an intensive panel moderated by Amanda Feldman from Volans, Dr. Maximilian Martin discussed “Impact Investing, Corporate Venturing and Corporate Venture Capital” together with Jorn Bang Andersen from Clareo, Vinay Nair from Social Investment Business and Deborah Magid from IBM Venture Capital Group. Dr. Martin presented the key findings of “Driving Innovation through Corporate Impact Venturing: A Primer on Business Transformation” a report that helps businesses to get ready to innovate in order to serve the markets of tomorrow. The core argument of the report is: corporations need to move beyond traditional corporate social responsibility, which is a largely compliance-driven exercise with limited benefits for both stakeholders and a firm’s reputation.

  • Presentation at the Global Green Growth Forum Pre-Meeting

    Copenhagen, Denmark – May 14, 2014

    During the Global Green Growth Forum pre-meeting, the partnership track workshop on the future of the textile industry, co-lead by the IFC and ILO, built on Dr. Martin’s Primer “Creating Sustainable Apparel Value Chains”. Dr. Martin’s was invited to present key insights of “Creating Sustainable Apparel Value Chains”, that comes out of a ten-month period of in-depth work, reaching out more than 730 stakeholders as well as screening more than 200 reports, expert interviews, an online survey, conducting site visits and looking at several consumer and producer markets in depth. The report sorts through the challenges facing the textile and garment industry and provides recommendations for how to make apparel value chains more sustainable. The English edition of the report was published on December 17, 2013 and has rapidly attained industry and media attention, translations in Japanese, Bengali, and Burmese are now completed. Impact Economy is delighted to contribute to the mission of the Global Green Growth Forum, which is to explore and demonstrate how better collaboration among leading businesses, investors, key public institutions and experts can effectively realize the potential for long-term inclusive green growth.